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Be Relevant to Humans Not Clicks.

Optimize Performance of Your Marketing Machine
with Intelligent Creative Powered by AI & Brain Science.

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We help brands build better experiences and achieve breakthrough ad performance through intelligent creative.

Despite rapid advancements in data management platforms, technology and machine learning, 97% of campaigns don’t have unique creative for each targeting segment (AppNexus).

TypeTrait is our proprietary methodology and consumer scoring algorithm derived from individual traits and integrated with real-time behavioral data and contextual signals, that when applied, increases propensity to respond to creative.

Learn more about how TypeTrait can be deployed using your existing martech stack to help you deliver Intelligent Creative and optimize your current personalization strategy.

Our Intelligent Creative Framework is an applied analytics and brain-based approach to target, version, match and deliver creative:


Audience Insight & Targeting

Get deeper customer insight to power your audience targeting by integrating our human-based dynamic scoring model, TypeTrait, with your first and third party data.

Develop new micro-segments based on the complexities of humans and their uniqueness including innate traits, culture, emotion and motivation.


Versioning & Dynamic Creative

Understand the why behind the click and take action.

Clickstream and behavioral data can tell you what’s working and what’s not.  We can help you understand the why.

Our Creative Recommendation Engine provides you with a framework to develop, version and optimize creative based on human-centric attributes and your personalization plan.


Journey Activation

Match Creative to Humans in all new ways using your existing marketing automation platform, digital marketing tools and native ad platforms.

With Intelligent Creative Matching, incorporate human-centric attributes into your existing audiences and serve up dynamic creative versioned for specific human traits to increase propensity to respond.


Use our Cloud-Based App to instantly analyze the visual and text elements of creative and predict your audience’s likelihood to respond.

Simply upload the creative assets you want to analyze and in a matter of minutes, receive trait-based relevancy scores based on your customized Intelligent Creative Framework to help you version and match creative to micro-segments within your target audience.

1 Upload Creative

Upload Your Creative to Our Cloud Analyzer

2 Run Analysis

Click to Extract Visual Attributes and Text from Creative and Initiate TypeTrait Analysis and Auto-Tagging

3 Predict Response

Get AI-powered Predictions and Recommendations to Optimize Creative

4 Be Relevant

Refine and Version Creative to Increase Relevancy

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